OFBC Christmas Party

December 4th, 2022 at 4:00 pm

The O.F.B.C. Sunday School Ladies would like to invite you to an evening of loving fellowship, loads of laughter, and great food at the OFBC Christmas Party!

We will be serving a Homemade Chili Dinner & enjoying a Gift Exchange Game so be sure to attend!

All Guests: Please bring 1 wrapped gift per person for the Gift Exchange Game!
You are also welcome to bring a side-dish, salad, casserole, dessert, or your favorite Christmas goodies! (Optional)

Gift Exchange Game Details: 

Gift Cost: Limit of up to $15 per gift

Gift Types: Funny, Silly, Unique, or Unusual – Please Be Creative!! The more different or unusual the gifts the better the game will be. Homemade items or Re-gifting an item you have previously received is also welcome!

Gift Wrapping Tips: To make the game even more exciting and fun – Please wrap your gift in an unusual way such as a small item in a big box, or something silly/strange in fancy wrapping, or use unique items for wrapping paper.