Mark My Words – Why is this Coronavirus Happening?

In the spirit of the old adage, “fools rush in where wise men fear to tread”, I’d like to address the burning question that I believe is on every one’s mind. Why is this Coronavirus Pandemic happening? I’m going to attempt to answer the question from a “down to earth” human perspective as well as the divine, theological perspective. Here are some perspectives on why this virus is happening, and how God can use it for His glory.

1) China’s Role:

This is the “down to earth”, or geo-political perspective. As I understand, it is believed that this virus originated in Wuhan China by somehow making the jump from animals to humans. Accusations are flying as to China’s culpability in the matter. After the virus is under control, you can count on hearings being held in Washington DC, and ensuing discussions as to whether China acted responsibly during the outset of this pandemic. Some of the questions that will be considered certainly include the following. Did the virus originate in China’s bio-lab in Wuhan, or possibly from the wet markets? Why didn’t China implement travel restrictions sooner?

2) Sin:

Beyond the geo-political, human level, we know from Genesis 3 that all sickness entered into our world when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Not only physical death, but also spiritual death entered into our experience at that time. This explanation though is very basic and general. Although it explains why sickness and death exists in our world, it doesn’t answer the question as to “why the Coronavirus pandemic”, and “why at this time in human history”.

3) Repentance:

Because of sin, human beings are separated from Holy God. Jesus died on the cross, shedding his blood as a sacrifice of atonement and incurring the full wrath of God that sins deserved, so that those who repent and place their faith in Jesus Christ can be declared righteous before this Holy God. God never wastes suffering, trials, and times of crisis. Instead, He uses them for His purposes. During this time, I’m quite certain that God is drawing sinners into a saving relationship with the Savior. I also believe that God is working through this crisis to purify believers and to strengthen our faith. Don’t let this crisis be wasted in your life. Draw near to Christ and He will draw near to you. Use this time, to grow deep in God’s Word and deep in prayer.

4) Second Coming:

Jesus Christ is coming to earth again. (see Acts 1:9-11) Could it be that this pandemic, along with the other natural disasters that have occurred over the past several years are being used by God as “wake up calls” to humanity that human history as we know it is about to draw to a close? Well, I can’t say that for certain. Time will certainly tell. Regardless though of when Christ returns, shouldn’t we as believers be living every day as if it’s our last day on earth? Whether Christ comes again tomorrow, or whether he tarries another 50 years, shouldn’t we as His followers be wholeheartedly involved with fulfilling His Great Commission and reflecting His love to a lost world?

Please continue to be safe. I can’t wait until we can gather once again in our beautiful Church building! Until that time, keep the faith. 

If I can be of help, please give me a call.