PCFLO is Moving and Needs Your Help

Pamlico Fishes and Loaves Outreach (PCFLO) is your local food pantry in Pamlico County for the past 14 years. They service approximately 500 families in Pamlico County with nutritious food each month. Needy clients are increasing and so their food storage needs are also increasing. They need to find space that will meet their growing needs.
They Need Your Help!

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Mark My Words – Mileposts of Easter Hope

Whenever we set out on a trip and if we are traveling on the interstate we will see mileposts. These mileposts or markers show us where we are at along the journey. Depending on which way we are traveling, the mileposts will either count up or down. As we watch these mileposts with expectancy they provide hope that we are getting closer to our intended destination. Excitement builds, especially if the destination includes seeing family and friends that we have not seen in a while.

We are now on a journey toward Easter Sunday. On this journey we will see mileposts of hope along the way.

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