Mark My Words – Division

When we were young and in elementary school we learned how to add, subtract, multiply, and DIVIDE. Division comes in handy as we live out our daily lives. When you are in the kitchen cooking, the recipe you have may serve far too many people. You wisely divide the ingredients in half in order to yield a more suitable serving size for the number of people you have in your household. When you are out on your boat fishing, you divide out your bait, putting the right amount on the hook in order to attract the particular fish you are trying to catch. In these uses, division is a very positive and helpful thing to humans. The type of division I will examine today is anything but positive. It is positively harmful to people and to the mission of the church. We, as Christians, are to avoid this type of division at all costs for in so doing we protect the fellowship of the church and are able to stay focused on our mission, the Great Commission.

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